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Serviced Church Websites

We specialise in Designing, Hosting & Servicing websites for churches.

We provide a 1 stop solution to give you a Stylish, Fully Responsive & SSL Secured website which has everything you want & need to provide to your site visitors.


.com £12.99/yr

.net £12.99/yr

.org £10.99/yr

Is Your Website Up To Date?

So many websites are not kept up to date!

Incorrect Contact Details
Incorrect Content such as Service Times, Group Meeting Times, Group Details, Church Hall Booking Details / Times.

With Serviced Church Sites we provide you with a Beautifully designed, fully responsive website that provided as little or as much as you want to give people enquiring about your church and the services you provide, PLUS we “Service” your website up to 6 times per year ensuring your website always has current information that is 100% helpful to everyone using your site

Secure Websites and E-Mail Addresses

Secure websites are sites that have passed an online security certificate, which Google and other web browsers prefer as they offer a proven level of security to website visitors! All of our Sites will be “Secure”


Create E-Mail addresses for all the posts & people you need.

secretary @
church warden @ etc, etc…..

Contact & Booking Forms

To make the most out of your website we will create as many secure forms for site users to complete, i.e. contact form, church hall booking form, or any other form you may require.

All of our forms are secure and forward all form data via email to the chosen person.

Easy Setup from start to finish

Your Photo’s, Your Text, Your website

We will create your website for you in next to no time, all you have to do is answer some easy questions, send us text for the various sections of your website, and send us any photo’s you feel would showcase your church / church hall. 

Sign up to have your church website designed, hosted & / or Serviced with us and domain registration is included in our Plans.



Website Design, Hosting & Servicing Plans

Get Started Today!

If you would like us to Create – Host & Continually Service Your “Fully Responsive” “SSL-Secured” Church Website Hosted & Serviced by us.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

With Our Help Your Website Will be Up & Running In Next To No Time

We help you all the way, making the process of setting up your site so easy, we even advise what photo’s of your church & church hall would be best to be used. Complete the Contact Form and we will get back to you.

Service Times Change According To Time Of Year

As your service times change for Christmas, Easter etc we will change the times on your site to suit. We also make any other changes you may need to ensure your site is ALWAYS up to date

Up To 31 Days of Free Hosting

12 months for the cost of 11 months for all Design, Hosting & Servicing Plans